With Zander Insurance Group's ID Theft Protection you get complete coverage including:


WE HANDEL ALL THE WORK TO restore your identity
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Up to $1,000,000 in expense protection
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WE help you minimize the risk of identity theft
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Over 200 million people have had their identities stolen in the last year
You could already be a victim of ID Theft and not even know it!

A person's identity is stolen every 3 seconds. Thieves can get medical care, Social Security and insurance benefits, a job, apply for credit and even commit a crime in your name.

We Cover all Types of ID Theft

Medical ID Theft
Social Security ID Fraud
Financial Fraud
Child ID Theft & Family ID Fraud
Tax ID Fraud
Employment ID Fraud
Benefits ID Fraud and Criminal Activity

Benefits Include

  • $1,000,000 Reimbursement Protection
  • 100% Recovery Success
  • Electronic Stolen Fund Transfer Protection
  • Unlimited Recovery Services
  • Prevention Services & Support
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